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Botox, Dysport and Fillers

Looking tired, mad or droopy?  Botox relaxes the lines that make you look tired or mad by relaxing the muscles.

Dermal Filler adds volume to those areas that need a lift.

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Skin Pen/PRP

(known as Vampire Facial)

Skin pen uses micro needles to go over the skin rapidly to create tiny wounds which stimulates collagen.

PRP is platelet rich plasma which is derived from a sample of your own blood. This is full of your own growth factors that are necessary for collagen production and can be applied after micro needling or injected.

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Venus Viva Resurfacing

Viva is the latest technology that uses 162 microneedles that go deep into the skin and the delivers RF heating to the deeper layer of skin through those needles.

This creates new collagen to improve the skin tremendously.

Only one day of redness after treatment.

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Body Contouring/Fat Reduction

Use of ultrasound cavitation to break up fat cells and Multipolar radiofrequency to melt the fat. Followed by lymph massage to move destroyed fat through the liver to be metabolized. Good paired with lipotropic shots and Ionic detox foot bath.

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Versa Hair Removal

Using the Venus smart pulse hair removal system to gently and effectively remove unwanted hair. No more shaving! Very fast treatment with no down time.

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IPL Photorejuvenation

Using intense pulsed light to rid the skin of sun damage and rosacea. The treatment targets brown and red in the skin. Gives the skin a nicer appearance and  improves tone and texture.

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Facial cupping is used by many around the world. Using cups to massage and lift facial tissue. improves  lymphatic drainage, relaxes facial muscles , helps with anti aging, helps sinuses and TMJ.  A very relaxing  treatment done 1-2 times per week

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this is an electro-magnetic energy that when applied to certain areas ; increases circulation, reduces inflammation,and diminishes pain due to muscle strain, sports injuries, accidents etc. 

Has been used in estern medicine for years to promote healing.

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Soak away Toxins that may be keeping you feeling bad or keeping you from losing weight.  Negative ions are released into the body to cause the body to release heavy metals, yeast, and toxins  and to become more alkaline  and detox itself.  30 Minutes of relaxation and detox.

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Using Pure H2O and serums to deep clean, exfoliate, peel and infuse needed anti-oxidants and moisture into the skin. Everything is done with serums so it is gentle and relaxing. This treatment will make your skin hydrated and glowing.

It will leave you wanting another one

Facial Treatments

Dermaplaning: using a safe scalpel blade to exfoliate dead skin and take off that very fine hair. Your skin will feel like a baby's butt

Microdermabrasion: physical exfoliation with diamond tips leaving the skin feeling smooth.

Chemical Peels: Add a light chemical peel to a facial or for a deeper peel  we have the Apeele a three layer peel that is a medium depth peel for improving skin tone and texture and reducing acne and hyperpigmentation

Acne Facials: facials to specifically target breakouts using green light therapy, and different modes to help reduce inflammation and bacteria.

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Skin Tightening Face/Body

Using Radio frequency and magnetic pulsing to help stimulate skin tightening collagen  in the face or body where skin has lost it's elasticity from aging, weight loss or stress on.  This is a comfortable treatment with no downtime. Feels like a hot stone massage.


Aquafacial with skin tightening. Great treatment for relaxation and results. Your skin will be tighter, hydrated and refreshed.

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B-12 lipotropic injections

Injection of b-12 and non essential amino acids that give you energy, helps speed up metabolism and burn fat. This is a good way to augment any body contouring or weight loss program along with proper nutrition and regular exercise.


remove skin tags or brown spots, or hemangiomas,  usually gone 1-2 weeks after treatment


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